writing yourself awake: meditation & Creativity

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A unique method for enhancing creativity, increasing spontaneity and gaining insight through integrating writing and meditation.

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Writing Yourself Awake: Meditation & Creativity
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“By combining authentic Buddhist sources of wisdom with her own extensive experience as a writer and writing teacher, long-time practitioner, Kimberley Snow has created a unique book that will be of benefit to many. For all that she writes with authority and from a platform of broad knowledge and understanding, her tone remains that of a spiritual friend, grounded in compassion, always encouraging the readers to uncover their own innate wisdom.” ~Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok, Vairotsana Foundation.

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Writing Yourself Awake creates a simple approach for enhancing creativity, integrating the emotions, gaining insight, and increasing spontaneity by integrating writing and meditation. Drawing from both Eastern and Western sources of wisdom, author Kimberley Snow, Ph.D., uses short teachings, writing suggestions, meditation techniques, and active imagination to lead the reader toward deeper awareness.

What are we waking up from? Let’s call it the daze of the isolated, reactive, limited self. What are we waking into? A larger, more easeful world, where things are not fixed, but flow.

It’s natural that both writing and meditating work so well in tandem. Both are seeking what’s real, what’s authentic. Both allow us to gain insight and wisdom as we learn to witness our lives – both past and present—not merely to react to them. Both are grounded in the body through mindful breathing or through the moving hand, allowing us to go deeper, allowing the conscious and unconscious to unite and integrate. Through meditation we come to see reality as it is; through writing we learn to find ways to live comfortably with things as they are.

Table of Contents:

Introduction 1

Writing And Meditation 3

Writing 5

Meditation 6

Why Combine Writing & Meditation? 7

Awakening 8

Similarities Of Writing & Meditation 10

Writing From Deep Mind 13

Engaging The Imagination 14

Writing To Prompts 15

Enhancing Creativity 17

See Things Just As They Are 19

Calm Down And Relax The Mind 20

Learn To Deal With Fear 21

Open The Heart 22

Read More Poetry 23

Use Your Senses 24 Lighten Up 26

Trust Your Intuition 27

Write A Poem 28

Don’t Resist Whatever Comes Up 31

Write Another Poem 32

One Word Contemplation 33

Write A Play 34

Relax The Mind 36

Write Badly 37

Explore Flash Fiction 38

Free The Body 40

Breathe In The World 41

Be Present 42

Meditation, Mindfulness & Contemplation Types Of Meditation Practice 45

How To Meditate 46

So What Does Meditation Train The Mind To Do?48

Mindfulness 50

Contemplation 51

Becoming More Emotionally Aware 51

Background Note 55

About Emotions 56

Cognitive Fusion 59

Developing Emotional Awareness 60

Emotional Mindfulness 62

Understanding The Story Line 63

Anger 65

Fear 68

The Hut Of Hope And Fear 71

Grief 73

Joy And Happiness 74

Blessings Journal 75

Opposites Journal 76

Love 77

Writing About Love 80

Ayya Khema On Love 81

Compassion 82

Expanding Our Emotional Range 85

All Purpose Advice For Writers 87

Planning To Write 89

Writing 90

Editing And Revision 91

On Having Written 93

Prompts For Overcoming The Fear Of Writing. 94

Forming A Writing Group 96

Journaling, The Self & The Story Line 101

Journaling 103

From Journal To Memoir And Back Again 104

Six Word Memoir 106

Still Unspoken 107

The Self/ No Self/ Reified Self 108

Formation Of The Self109

Our Selves 112

Getting The Lead Out 113

Our Storyline And The Reified Self 114

Invent A Persona 116

Other People 117

Going Deeper 119

Taking Care Of Yourself 121

Learn How Your Mind Works 122

Be Aware Of Dualistic Mind 124

Pay Attention To Language 127

Find A Modern Mantra 128

Love More 130

Seek Core Happiness 131

Be Helpful 132

Understanding Obstacles And Obscurations 133

Working With The Messy Stuff 135

Integrating Insights From The Cushion 138

Develop Equanimity 139

Practice Presence 140

Be A Flower 139

Write A Death Poem 141

Rest In Awareness 142

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Kimberley Snow, prize winning playwright, teacher, and author of many books including In Buddha’s Kitchen, It Changes, and Writing Yourself Home, leads workshops on a wide range of dharma and related subjects. Her latest book is Writing Yourself Awake: Meditation & Creativity. List of upcoming workshops.